Amperion Energy is a project developer in the renewable energy space, particularly in Solar PhotoVoltaic (Solar PV) and aims to become become a leader in commissioning industrial and commercial projects that reduce reliance on the grid, improves the impact on the carbon footprint and decrease operating costs over time.



Solar PV installations are becoming more viable and sometimes necessary, as the cost of energy from coal increases at considerably high rates. The last few years has seen electricity increases in excess of 20% per annum and which are likely to stay significantly above inflation in the range in the future.



Amperion Energy was established to specifically to look at driving opportunities in the renewable energy space. Tumi Mphahlele was appointed Managing Director and oversees all the company’s renewable energy business development and fulfillment, including the establishment of key partnerships, associations and suppliers.


Amperion Energy


Tumi is a seasoned executive highly experienced in the execution of complex projects and programmes and has served as interim executive in IT and Corporate Strategy in large organisations. She has solid management consulting experience at a global consulting firm (Accenture) and at a small firm where she serves as key associate. Some of the companies she has previously consulted at include Eskom and BHP Billiton. Tumi has serves as Independent Non-executive Director on the TMT Services and Supplies board and a member of the audit committee. As a member of the board, she oversees large capital projects of a complex nature undertaken by the local subsidiary. She has also served on the South African Photo Voltaic Industry Association. She has a B.SC Chemistry from UCT, a Post-graduate Diploma (Marketing) from UNISA and an MBA from GIBS.

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